A Day with Carl Chatzky at the Convent 1990

Here’s an interesting video of my friend Carl Chatzky, who was a prominent character in the Seattle bluegrass community. I  met Carl in 2010 in Seattle. I was a student in his bluegrass class at the Experimental College at Univeristy of Washington,  and I learned a lot of tunes from him. I always enjoyed the way he sang Pretty Polly–he had the high, lonesome voice to sing that song. Besides being a good musician and a funny guy, he was also a passionate activist. Our first conversation started with mandolin, switched to Emma Goldman, and ended with Food Not Bombs. Carl passed away this summer, but he still exists fondly in my memory

“It’s not that you do away with money and replace it with barter. What you do is build a world that runs through love and cooperation rather than exploitation. And that’s the end of my 52 years of living in thought.”

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I'm a Northwest-based musician
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