My name is Daniel Ullom and I’m a musician based out Asheville, NC. My primary instrument is mandolin, but I also enjoy singing and playing guitar, bass, and fiddle.  I mostly focus on bluegrass and old-time music, but as any musician will say, that’s not all I do. You can check out my sound on the video and projects pages.



I grew up in the Yakima Valley in central Washington surrounded by dry foothills and apple orchards. Some of my earliest memories involve playing back-up mandolin for my dad during family singing sessions. At the age of 11,  I started taking lessons from a local musician, who introduced me to the world of fiddle tunes and folk songs. I soon began meeting other musicians around Yakima and joined bands playing mandolin, as well as guitar, fiddle, and bass guitar. These projects spanned genres from indie-folk to hardcore punk and we performed in self-organized house shows and festivals around Eastern Washington. When I was 16, a neighbor discovered that I played mandolin and invited me  over to my first bluegrass party. It was a potluck-style picking party, the first of many to come. The inclusive and empowering culture surrounding the music instantly hooked me, and I was soon obsessively learning about the history and tradition surrounding bluegrass and old-time music.

I moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, which placed me in the middle of a bustling music scene. If I wasn’t having my ears blasted at DIY punk shows, I could find bluegrass jams and national acts playing most other nights of the week. I quickly began building a repertoire in American roots music and eventually found myself playing full-time and teaching lessons.

After a few amazing years in the Seattle scene, I decided to pack up and fly across the US to Asheville, North Carolina to join a vibrant scene surrounding  a long tradition of old-time and bluegrass music.

If you’d like to know more about me and my music, send me a message at ulohdan@gmail.com


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