Rain City Ramblers

My newest and most exciting  project to date. I’ve always loved bass/mandolin/guitar trios and this is our take on that theme. You can check out our new album at our bandcamp and learn about our upcoming shows on our facebook page



The Blackberry Bushes


The Blackberry Bushes is a Northwest-based group that features the original songwriting of Jes Raymond.  I had the privilege and pleasure of touring with them for most  of 2014 and 2015 and played mandolin on their latest record Three Red Feathers. You can find out when the Bushes will be playing by checking their website here.

The Wobbly Stringband


The Wobbly Stringband is an ensemble of Cascadian noise-makers spreading a gospel of revolution by fiddle tunes. Paying tribute to the fiddlers and strugglers of the past, the Wobbly String band woops, wails, scrapes, slides, and bounces their way to freedom from the empires and bosses of today by empowering listeners to make their own noise. The band is comprised of Sheila Markazi on fiddle, Joe Ellingson on guitar, Forrest Marrowitz on bass, and me on mandolin.

The Holly Rollers

This was a fun project I collaborated on with my good friends Teddy Keiser, Jake Williams and Johnny Russell. In the spring of 2013, we gathered in a basement in the University District and recorded an EP. You can check out those recordings here.


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